The president:

Chairs the Committee;

Plays a major role in general meetings;

Under the model rules, the president must chair every meeting they attend. If they can’t attend a meeting, another committee member can sit in as acting chair;

Represents the Chamber of Commerce at various events and may be required to speak on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce at functions.


The secretary’s duties include:

Keeping the register of members;

Sending and receiving correspondence, emails or other documents;

Advising the President or Treasurer about urgent matters that arise from correspondence or other documents;

Taking nominations for the committee advising members about meetings (giving plenty of notice) calling and convening all meetings;

Arranging the Meeting venue, preparing the agenda, gathering and presenting any relevant documents, taking and keeping minutes of meetings and making them available to members.


The treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the association.

Their duties might include:

Keeping and maintaining an asset register for the Association;

Managing the petty cash balance, keeping the petty cash book up to date documenting all payments made, including receipts;

Invoices and statements maintaining all deposit and cheque books making sure that the committee approves or ratifies all payments made;

Records details of these payments in the minutes keeping all financial records in Queensland;

They must also keep track of payments received by using either: a receipt book of consecutively numbered receipts a computer system that keeps track of these records.

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